Meeting Jonathan Barnes is 2003 was pure serendipity! I had written the lyrics for Owen quite effortlessly, but I was not capable of putting them to music. Working with Jonathan, watching him fuse the sound to the story was a fascinating experience.


Jonathan has a great love for music and children, so he connected instantly with our young earthworms feeling of insecurity. He was able to match Owen’s yearning with a rhythm all his own. From soft and somber to hopeful and eventually true joy and peacefulness, the soundtrack to Owen’s life

is perfectly timed. It, like the story, will stay with you both in your

hear and in your head…they are “catchy” tunes!  


The soundtrack is available on iTunes, the BOOK ALBUM available

now, and the soundtrack Jonathan wrote for Owen’s ALMOST

Overnight Adventure coming in Fall/Winter 2018 so keep your

eyes and ears out!

Making the Music


Sheet Music Downloads


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