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The One & Only Owen is a musical journey of self-awareness, discovery, and love taken by Owen, a young earthworm. When we meet him, Owen is feeling sad due to his constant comparison of himself to the other creatures that surround him in the garden. He wishes he could experience the life of a bee, or a ladybug, or any of the garden's inhabitants that can do different things that he can.


What Owen discovers though, is that the way he views the world around him is directly related to the way he feels about himself. How you feel about yourself is your self-esteem. Once Owen learned to value and love himself, his self-esteem grows. And In the end, he changed the world around him by changing the way he felt about himself. Based on real facts concerning the importance of earthworms to the ecosystem of the garden, this tale exemplifies the influence each of us has in our larger world. me. It's easy.

Purple Dragonfly Book Awards were conceived with children in mind. Not only do we want to recognize and honor accomplished authors in the field of children's literature, but we also want to highlight up-and-coming, newly published authors, and younger published writers.

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